Rash of Data Thefts Tied to US Intelligence Services

While I'm on a Wayne Madsen kick, I thought I should finally mention his stunning revelation of what may be the reason for the obviously calculated and widespread theft of laptops and data from government agencies, telecom companies, universities and other entities. The operation is so widespread that even organized crime couldn't tackle it (unless, like me, you think the entire GOP is the very definition of organized crime). That pretty much leaves government intelligence and security services. Why steal laptops? Information, esp. private information very valuable to the NSA domestic spying operation, much of which likely has more to do with controlling the vote than anything related to terrorism. Read Madsen's chart here.

NOTE: One thing that's never made sense to me about all the previous data theft stories is how it's even possible. How do you steal 19,000 laptops? Don't people take them home? What gives? And why am I (seemingly) the only person to wonder why the MSM seemed uninterested in investigating such a huge number of thefts occurring in just a few months?

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