Saddam Capitulated to US Demands...before the War

Not only has this useless war for oil, money and domination wasted ~2800 American lives, killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and blown off the lips and permanently injured the brains of tens of thousands of American soldiers and Marines and Iraqis, but according to Canadian peace negotiator, at the eleventh hour Saddam agreed to step down and accede to all American demands. The US government didn't respond, and shortly thereafter the bombing began. The Executive branch of our government is rife with lying, murderous bastard who should be taken outside and shot. But that won't happen. They probably won't even spend a night in jail. There's justice for you.

Sadly, though, we shouldn't be surprised. The same thing happened after 9/11. Before the attacks, the Taliban insisted that they wouldn't allow Bin Laden to attack the US. After the attacks, they agreed to hand over Bin Laden to the Hague, for trial. What did we do? Not only did we not tell the American public but we told either the Taliban or reporters (from the UK?) that peace was against our interests. We'd already threatened the Taliban with "a carpet of bombs" rather than "a carpet of gold" before the "snows fall in October." Which is when the bombing began. Considering that we have documentary proof that the war plans were ready before 9/11 and that taking Afghanistan was central to the War on (Some) Terror and that the entire fake war was an ingenious, if crazy plot cooked up by Zbigniew Brzinzski and Wolfowitz and later revised by the Project for the New American Century, it's pretty clear from that evidence alone that 9/11 was our plan to create a pretext for an underhanded war whose purpose was base economic gain and world domination. And that's even before you venture into the shadowy realm of Tora Bora, where we purposefully left open an escape route and later flew ~8000 Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters to Pakistan over several days, requiring the full knowledge and approval of Reich Marshall Rumsfeld, not to mention the Pakistan ISI, our offspring and favorite cutout in the Middle East.

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