From the Department of Obviousness Studies

Dear neurotic, sclerotic "news" media: Kerry was insulting the President, not the troops. But the staff of realitique™ don't expect you to listen to the entire quote in context. Because, frankly, you never do that. Which is why I, a former American news consumer, don't read your shit anymore.

Other recent discoveries of the obvious told realitique™, on condition of anonymity, that the obvious place to look to wed General Relativity (or, alternatively Lorentzian Relativity) to Quantum Mechanics is spacetime (neé the Ether) itself (a.k.a. "dark energy," which is quite likely the same thing as the "zero-point energy," which follows logically from the discovery of the Casimer--sp?--effect).*

In other news of the Obvious, Slate's John Dickerson is showing signs of concluding, based on six years of documentary evidence, that President Bush™ almost never tells the truth about anything. Welcome to the club, John; wish you had the mental wattage to figure that out, as the rest of us did, as early as 2001, but then you're a prominent Washington journalist, so obsequiousness, ignorance, incuriosity, spinelessness and a hazy cloud of advanced stupidity were required for you to land your current position as Slate's White House Disinformation Specialist. Tell Tony hi for us, willya?

*Thanks to several talented surgeons over several hours, I am now free of the inexplicably expanding stick up my ass.

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