Who Dat?

Now I'm one of those rare straight men who doesn't watch sports, but I always like it when the Saints win. Given the prison-bitch condition New Orleans is in, last night's inaugural win at the renovated Dome was some kinda sweet. We really needed it.

UPDATE: It's hard to explain, but reading Chris Rose's piece in today's paper made me cry. Then again, so much around here makes so many of us cry. We cried every day for months. Now we just cry once or twice a week.

UPDATE: If you don't know the quintessential New Orleans song "Hey Pock A-way," listen to it here (requires plugin). I don't ordinarily name-drop, but as the ex-roommate of the most famous young drummer in the world (literally), Brian Blade, I have him to thank for introducing me to The Meters--and he can thank his Baptist-preacher dad for introducing him to same.

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