Sorry, Nancy

God forbid a foreign leader (and one who cares about the citizenry) should call Il Duce "el diablo." So of course the Dems have to hurry to denounce his remarks, lest any prospective voter should think...I dunno, that...well, I don't know why. Saying nothing would not indicate support. It may well indicate that one thinks Chavez's remarks irrelevant or unimportant. Or it may indicate agreement. Anyway, there's little point in denouncing Chavez's remarks. Not just because Chavez is right, but because the people who were in a lather over the weekend over said remarks are the people who won't vote for Democrats anyway. Do something useful, Nancy: Attack the GOP and the president on security. Their policies are disastrous and anti-American and the majority of the public thinks the Democrats are better on security/defense than the Republicans. Not that I'd expect Democrats or, god forbid, our GOP-fellating national media to read any polls....

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