Fuck of the Day

Y'know, that's probably the first time I've used the word "fuck" on this blog in its original meaning. Anyway, here's some hot pom-on-pom action, compliments of YouTube. I was inspired to search for "pomeranian" because my 5-lb., 10-year-old dog, Boudin, has been beleaguered of late by Mr. Kibbles, a 7-month-old, unneutered pomeranian, the ward of the neighbor of my ex-girlfriend Amanda. (Amanda was dogsitting for me during "vacation.") I have not met Mr. Kibbles, but I'm told he's, um, "eager," and given his lust for my poor spayed pooch, he likes older women, especially ones who don't like him. Last time this happened, my dog was the object of affection of a French bull dog, who quit showing off once Boudin barked at him, warning him off a chew toy. Pussy. My question is, given the sheer amount of fur on a pomeranian, how does a male find the (as Ali G would say) poonany?

UPDATE: Turns out, I did use the verb in its original meaning at least once before.

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