Uh, Yeah, That

Not only did 12+ foreign intelligence services warn the US that Bin Laden was about to strike (and the Joint Chiefs of Staff cancelled their travel plans for 9/11), but Rice was warned strongly by Tenet and Cofer Black about an impending attack. She did nothing. Atrios may think there's a simple explanation for My Pet Goat, but given the available evidence, the plausible explanation is a bit more severe.

UPDATE: Raw Story reports on what the, er, NYT reports. Why didn't I link directly to the NYT's account? I don't bother reading them. I don't bother with the MSM, even when they (rarely) do their jobs--and I mean that as a criticism of owners and editors, not reporters, who often see their stories killed. The MSM is on life-support. There's no reason to read them. Read Raw Story, Online Journal and Global Research if you want to know what the fuck's going on in the world.

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