Pogue Mahone

I've been in Ireland for the last week, with one of realitique™'s mystery reporters. It was a good trip, despite a relapse of the horror-show sinus problems I had a few weeks ago that led me to overdose on pseudoephedrine and wind up in the ER. Trust me, if I told you the details of the malady, you'd understand why I OD'd. Anyway, I hadn't been to Ireland before. We went to Dublin and Gallway, which was beautiful. Highlights: the cliffs of Mohr and the Guinness brewery (free samples! and a view of all of Dublin).

What I learned: Stewardesses are petty tyrants. Maybe not all of them, but after years of flying, my dense brain finally caught on to the striking similarity between kindergarten teachers and stewardesses. A hefty percentage of both professions is filled with people who love to tell others what to do and take argument little better than cops do. Example: When we were about to land at JFK, a Jennifer-Connelly-looking stewardess told me to put my shoulder bag in the overhead compartment. I complied, but (god forbid) sighed. She turned and walked back to me and told me in no uncertain terms that it was "for safety reasons." I pointed out that I hadn't said anything, and she responded, "I heard you sigh." Um, yeah, okay. Sorry for registering my discontent. Pogue mahone.

If I can locate (or purchase) the wire for my camera, I'll post what few pictures I took.

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