I'm not sure, since various neurosurgeons would know better, but if you're willing to vote Republican right now, I strongly suspect you're an idiot, retarded or some kind of lobotomized hybrid. My own father falls into that category, as does my architect uncle in California who introduced me to Monty Python. I'm not sure why he's an authoritarian, but apparently he is. You want to vote for Bush? Fine. Don't talk to me. If you read news and still support this guy, then you are off the fucking map. Seriously. As in, you're a Brobdignaggian. You don't have the intelligence or interest in reality to comment on anything. Go fuck yourself.

UPDATE (not really): I haven't read the comments and probably won't. Anyway, that last bit was over the top. No, don't go fuck yourself, just don't vote. Or at least do your homework first (no, that doesn't mean read presidential statements and conservablogs, it means read actual sources and news reports, like the rest of us do).

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