Stop Hiding, and Start Living

Nature's cure for what ails ya.

UPDATE: I don't know what's in that shit, but my only unforgiveably embarrassing moments came from drinking too much of it. In the only instance I'm willing to repeat (Amanda knows the one I'm not willing to), I attended an office party for Innovative Emergency Management with a hot German chick who, at one point, plopped down a bottle of Cuervo (I actually went to college with a Puerto Rican named Jose Cuervo--not kidding). That's the last thing I remember. The next Monday, my officemate informed me that I'd poured the remainder of the bottle over our receptionist's head and offered to lick it off. I was being honest, and would still love to do that, but red-faced and shuffling, I apologized to her. Had I been sober, I would've known that no one would enjoy having Cuervo poured over them, no matter how it may have been removed.

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