Where's the Good News?

I am sickened at the MSM's coverage of everything they deem "newsworthy." Not only do they not report the schools being built in Iraq and the stray dogs being adopted into loving homes, but they also neglect good news stories the world over. Here's a provisional list:

Darfur. Yes, yes, people are being killed, starved, driven from their homes, but lots of them are getting fed by the UN. And the Sudanese government, via their terrorist Janjaweed proxies, are clearing land for Arab settlement and thinning the herd of poor, dark-skinned people. C'mon, MSM, do your job!

Belarus. Oh, sure, the media gloms onto the gloom, telling us how the election was stolen, how anti-government campaigners were arrested, how protest is being suppressed. So dreary. As Barbara Bush told Diane Sawyer in an interview on the eve of Iraq's liberation, "Why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" Where are all the stories of Belarussians picking themselves up by their boot straps and taking positions of authority in the government so they can establish income streams based on their insider position and provide for their families? What about all the good things the government has done, like paying its employees? What about the steadfastness and resolve of Belarus's leader to "stay the course"?

Iran. Our leader, President Bush, has repeatedly stated that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. But the media just spins that to say that Iran is a threat to the United States. Even the normally calm, thoughtful Neil Cavuto recently said on his Fox News show that we may already be at war with Iran. Aren't two wars enough? Please, MSM, why must you force our beleaguered president into another conflict?

New Orleans. Katrina was last August, and yet the media insists on pushing the meme that the city is in danger from a weakened and underdesigned flood-protection system and that most of its homes are unoccupied. What about the miles of functioning city along the river? That's 20% of the city!

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