In response to this recent post, CENTCOM was kind enough to let me know they have a "cense" of humor (get it? nudge, nudge):
Hi, Rob:

Sorry if we've injudiciously scattered exclamation points across the US Central Command website. If it's any consolation, I think you'll find our use of the semicolon to be moderate, and our use of the schwa to be restrained, indeed, prudent.

Seriously, though, I'm glad you've found our site to be informative. We're working out the details of the "Ask CENTCOM" section, but it's going to be a Q & A section. As for Podcasting, at present we're adding audio and video from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. For the most part, these have been interviews with high-ranking officers and leadership, as well as produced news segments. You're welcome to use anything on our site that you want. If you'd like to be signed up for the weekly electronic newsletter and monthly Coalition Bulletin, just ask.

We've also been trying to spread the word about our site, and if you could add a permanent link on your blogroll, that would be great. Thanks!

SPC C. Flowers

CENTCOM Public Affairs
I'm be sure SPC Flowers is being sincere (cough, cough), and the offer of using "anything" on the site "I want" flows from the same font of public service that, you know, all that regular, useful, apolitical gov't stuff flows from. Plus, the mention of the lowly schwa was witty and welcome. And have I mentioned how much I love not just CENTCOM but also SOCOM and the NSA, NRO, CIA, indeed, the entire structure of the US national security apparatus?

UPDATE: SPC C. Flowers adds:
To clarify, although I have personally used schwas as a civilian, my military work has not yet called for it.

I saw your post and, yes, you REALLY ARE -- Yes, sincerely -- free to use materials from the CENTCOM site. Anything we create for the webpage is copyright-free. Obviously, attribution to CENTCOM would be appreciated, but if there's something you find of interest, go for it.
Noted. Thanks.

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