Assrocket's (not so) Strange Aesthetics

Power Line's Assrocket is promoting the spankin' new blog of long-time reader Dafydd ab Hugh, a Star Trek™ novelist. I love hate to pick, but he and quasi-literate Bush beastie Roger Simon raise significant questions about the connection between intelligence and taste. Adding weight to my unfounded evolving hypothesis that low-wattage Bushbots are aesthetically challenged, Assrocket's comment that Dafydd ab Hugh's new blog, Big Lizards (nice homoerotic imagery there), is "one of the most graphically spectacular...sites on the web." Now, given the source, I took that assertion with a mineful of salt. But never did I imagine that Mr. Assrocket's aesthetics could keep pace with his reasoning skills in their sprint to the bottom. I won't add a screenshot. Go look for yourself.

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