NYT, Better Late than Never Edition

The New York Times finally gets around to reporting on the latest Downing Street Memo widely reported in the UK several weeks ago. Thank you, NYT, for doing your job. We know you're a bit slow, and in the case of the series of earlier Downing Street memoranda, ahem, extra super duper slow, but thank you just the same. (By the way, you might want to check into whether the World Trade Center was demolished with explosives and whether any of those 19 hijackers are still alive. But we don't want to rush you.)

NOTE: As one of our mystery reporters has often said, it's common for stories to be held, pending confirmation(s), analysis, etc. This may be the reason for the NYT delaying the most recent DSM story. Of course, that's no reason for their dearth of coverage of the slew of memos widely unreported in the US last year.

BONUS: In the NYT story, a NSC spokesbot claims that the misAdministration's public and private comments about the then upcoming sequel Gulf II: Invasion were entirely consistent. Today the Finger Puppet* reinforced the meme. But as anyone who recalls the runup to the war knows, it's total bullshit. As late as March 6, 2003, the president asserted that he hadn't made up his mind yet--a bald-faced lie (as if his sudden love for "regime change" in early 2003 didn't amount to "I really want to invade Iraq").

*Disinformation Secretary Scott McClellan

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