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See those lights in the windows of realitique™ HQ? We weren't burning the mid-morning oil working, no, we were feverishly debating why Il Duce seems so, well, passive. He's the least active president...ever. Yes, we knew he likes to play CEO (a game for the whole family!), but we didn't know he was focusing only on two issues. According to Insight,
President Bush has decided to stay out of the lion's share of decisions made by his administration.

Sources close to the administration said that over the last year, Mr. Bush has chosen to focus on two issues, leaving the rest to be decided by Cabinet members and senior aides. They said the issues are Iraq and the Republican congressional campaign in the 2006 elections.

"Lots of important issues that deal with national security are never brought to the president because he doesn't want to deal with them," a source familiar with the White House said. "In some cases, this has resulted in chaos."
Now I love hate to pick, but what, exactly, is he "doing" about Iraq? From here (deep within the bowels of Sav-A-Center, in our nuke-proof bunker) it sure looks like all da Preznit's doing is talking a lot--and without specifics. He's not doing anything. 87 bodies in Baghdad? Bombing religious shrines? Give a speech. And the 2006 erections? What is Bush doing, crunching numbers? Has he noticed his are falling? Give a speech. If Bush didn't breath recirculated bubble air, he might notice that the speeches aren't working. CEO? Yeah, like Ken Lay.

For more insight into the bungling that was the Dubai debacle, read the rest of the article here.

(Via American Street via Daou.)

BONUS FOR BUSH: He might want to consider that pesky, precipitous not-quite-civil-war here and the latest Abu Ghraib investigation here.

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