Stop Senselessbrenner's Real ID Act

Enduring this administration feels like falling through a manhole into the open sewer but being unable to reach the ladder that leads back out because the current's too strong. And the Real ID Act is the giant turd between you and that ladder. Want all your personal information available to all states all the time? to all those private data-mining companies, like ChoicePoint™, who've oops! kinda sorta lost oodles of data on people recently? Do you want this to pass as an attachment to "emergency" war funding, without any floor debate? If not, fax your senator here. The vote is TOMORROW. (Thanks, Abby Taylor. You have GOT to see the Falafelsex post on this.)

BTW, Senselessbrenner is the nutjob who thinks "indecency" should be "a criminal act."

UPDATE: Fuck you! Seems the $82B emergency-war-funding-plus-national-security-state passed! Like a giant turd through your colon! Whooppee!

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