Bolton for the Door

UPDATE: It's final: 10 ayes, 8 nays, without recommendation.

Can the Bolton case get any nastier? Yes, it can! Steve Clemmons of The Washington Note has too many details to plug right here. Just go there. You can spend the rest of your days reading transcripts and interviews about Mssr. Bolton.

But we're sure that David Brooks is right, Bolton's just misunderstood. If, as Brooks claims, the "tide has turned for Bolton," he might want to ask himself why Voinovich, a Republican, said that "John Bolton is the poster child for what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be."

Oh, and Larry Flynt's struck Bolton below the Beltway.

Watch the proceedings live here. I think they just said there were 20 minutes left (as of 1:58 pm). (Thanks, Americablog.)

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