Stop Attacking Jack Abramoff!

When will the liberal media stop assaulting innocent men like Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff? Today, in two separate stories, the left-leaning NY Times and Associated Press "report" on Abramoff's contacts with the Bush administration, from the attempted Florida recount onwards, and his selfless endeavors to save the garment industry in the Marianas from almost certain destruction. As with his tireless efforts to protect Native American tribes from one another, Abramoff, with a little help from DeLay, defended helpless garment-factory owners from potential exploitation by their greedy workers backed by the federal government.

Filled with the love of Christ, DeLay hastened to the Marianas at the already cash-strapped Abramoff's expense. Driven by the plight of the factory owners, Abramoff also arranged trips for members of The Heritage Foundation, the National Center for Public Policy Research (who sent DeLay to Russia) and Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform.

The AP's vile diatribe on Abramoff's contacts with "the Bush team," in which the Marianas is mentioned, is here.

The NY Times character-assassination piece on Abramoff and the Marianas is here.

The ABC News "investigation" into DeLay's 1997 journey of hope to Saipan is here (transcript).

UPDATE: Pro-DeLay info on the Marianas is here.

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