Billions, Millions, It's All the Same

The US national media is on the verge of noticing that $100 million is missing in Iraq. The story's on the AP wire, so there's potential. Hopefully, they'll read halfway down and see that $8.8 BILLION went missing months ago, as reported by the BBC and others. We're still waiting for the revelations of the Blair memo to show up on Reuters or AP; so far it's shown up buried and rotting in the NY Times' British election coverage. The point of all this fussing? Read the British press for big stories that the US national media is too afraid or lazy to cover.

(Note: I keep saying "national media" and "Washington journalists" so as not to accuse the vast majority of local and regional journalists of having anything to do with the problem. They're part of the "mainstream media," and without them, we'd have very little news. In any case, for all I know, it's the editors and owners of the various media companies that are to blame. If you're a reporter and have an opinion, please let us know.)

UPDATE: Knight Ridder Washington Bureau journalists report on the Blair memo. Hey, it's somethin'.

UPDATE: For the search engines: Downing Street Memo. Rycroft Memo.

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