Peter Dauo Wastes More of His Time by Getting It Right

An invaluable post for the Democratic "leadership," who invariably won't read or heed it. For progressive bloggers (full disclosure: I am one), a depressing analysis of what should happen what some fascistic ass clown like ScAlito schlepps before The Incompetent Ones to not be grilled about anything. As John "I donated my brain to Terri Schiavo" Hinderocket of Power Line told me last week, "Man, you're one angry guy." With leadership like this, anger's a given. I feel as abandoned as a New Orleanian waiting for Chimpy McWarboy* to deliver some goddamned category-5 flood protection. Oh, wait....

*The entire staff of realitique would like to express their admiration and support of our closest primate cousins and regret the use of their species as an epithet. However, realitique® has stalled delayed for quite some time using standard progressive epithets for His Highness, George IV, partly out of respect for certain readers. As they seem to've disappeared, realitique sees no reason not to jump the proverbial shark. In the spirit of blog-wagoning, then: fuck Bush**.

**As this phrase and variations on chimps and war are overcooked, we doubt we'll use it much. But it's nice to have options, especially when, unlike the grinning, relaxed Power Line boyz, you're "angry."

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