He Puts the Big in Zbigniew

Foreign policy heavyweight Zbigniew Brzezinski weighs in on the false choice Our Leader® repeatedly lays before his subjects the American people vis à vis Iraq. (Via Atrios.)

Really Long Contextual Note: This is the former Carter Administration hawk who claims to've come up with the idea of suckering the Soviets to invade Afghanistan to save their puppet government there, only to get embroiled in their own Vietnam--a brilliantly effective move which led us to (more or less) create Al Qaeda. He's also the guy who thought up the sequel to The Great Game, or how the US could preserve its superpower status by dominating Eurasia. He suggested we do this by establishing access to the remaining oil and gas reserves in Central Asia. The gateway to Central Asia is Afghanistan (which is why we supported the Taliban), a land ripe for a pipeline to the energy riches of the Caspian region. But to dominate Eurasia via Central Asia, we'd need a more powerful, expansive military, and to get that, we'd need an external threat and a "new Pearl Harbor." This was such a handsome strategy that people like Rumsfeld, Cheney, Perlowitz et al. just couldn't resist, and they adapted it for their Project for a New American Century. Not long after, they managed to attain the most powerful positions in US goverment.

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