Il Duce to Drop by New Orleans

You may've heard that Our Beloved Leader is stopping by New Orleans today for the first time in three months. "Ah!" you say, "Tis certain he'll assuage locals' fears of future flooding! He hath hastened to the site of disaster to reassure concerned New Orleanians that the federal government will help rebuild the city that they through negligence let flood!"

But you would be wrong. Even if you used contemporary English.

No, His Beneficent Presence (may his cattle yield unblemished milk) is stopping by to meet with small business leaders about the Gulf Opportunity Zone and then hastening to Bay St. Louis to give a speech. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the simmering anger here or with, say, the party affiliation of Mississippi's governor. Our governor, meanwhile, is doing something useful: she's in the Netherlands, learning about flood control from the masters.

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