Mississippi Gulf Coast Photos

A couple of weeks ago, A. and I ventured to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to see the damage from Katrina. (We'd tried in November but weren't allowed in without local ID.) If you're not familiar with the MS Gulf Coast, the area is a string of several cities along about 40 miles of beach. Homes a few blocks from the beach were high enough to be spared; many of those closer to the water weren't so fortunate. And for mile after mile along the beachfront Highway 90 in Long Beach and Gulfport, there is nothing but denuded foliage, the land wiped clean.

Most of the photos I took were of Pass Christian, where my family moved decades ago from New Orleans. The devastation is hard to fathom, but as many homes as are gone there, more are left than in neighboring Long Beach and Gulfport. The only area I've seen with comparable damage is the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, near the levee breaches (photos coming soon).

My family in Pass Christian did well, considering. My grandmother, uncle and aunt all lived just far enough from the beach to have minor damage and no flooding. That said, another cousin lost his house and yet another had just sold hers only to lose her family's possessions when the storage facility was washed away. (Where was the debate about rebuilding the storm-surge-vulnerable Gulf Coast? Seems New Orleans is the only city some people debate rebuilding.)

You can view the Gulf Coast photos here. Please note: I continually try to coax the beauty out of the devastation around here. These photos are part of that attempt.

Previously posted 9th Ward photos are here.

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