We Have a Hammer

If you listened to Morning Edition on NPR, you heard a surprising slap in the face treat: A version of "If I Had a Hammer," sung at the please-don't-string-up Tom DeLay dinner last night (the song's at the end of the clip). As a public service, we've transcribed the lyrics.
Now we've got a ham-mer
he hammers in the mor-nin'
he hammers in the eve-nin'
all over this la-a-nd
he's a hammer of jus-tice
he's a hammer of free-ee-dom
he's a hammer of love between
the brothers and the sisters
all over this land
It's not clear whether the song was intended as an ironic commentary.

BONUS: The next verse in the original song is "If I had a bell /
I'd ring it in the morning...." Maybe that's why Guckert was there.

UPDATE: Now with 80% more irony! David Corn weighs in on the pro-Commie background of the original song.

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