Inside the Washington Press Corpse

Not really. But it sounded better than "some related quasi-insider info from popular public sources." Anyway, since we're running a series on the Washington Press Corpse's disinterest in, you know, working, here's a year-old post by eRobin of Fact-esque on a telling interview with the writer of the NYT White House Letters column, Elisabeth Bumiller.

BONUS: David Sirota at Unpainted Huffhines gives Bumiller, ABC and others a talking-to. eRobin's post tentatively defending Bumiller but not the existence of her column is here.

SUPER HAPPY BONUS: Bob Somerby busts a cap in dey ass. Also, as we have previously meant to but have neglected to note, he remarks on how the amateur liberal web commented on the appalling Time piece on Ann Coulter versus how the professional liberal web did, viz. crickets.

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