Blogging by proxy under the influence of the Rev. Al

Guten tag, I am Mystery Reporter 1, and I'm going to try my hand at this whole blogging thing.

About myself, briefly: I'm 35, single, a native of New Orleans who lives in North Carolina and works for a large paper there. Rob and I know each other from college. (Can we give Brother Rob a hand, please, for his bitchin' blog? C'mon, put yo' hands together! Right now, we'd like to do a little thing called "Shake Yo' Rump To the Funk.") Politically, I still maintain I'm essentially a moderate -- doesn't everybody? -- but I do lean left, and my attitude toward the Bush Administration ought to be pretty clear from my previous posts, if you've read them: I don't like it.

Whatever I end up posting (as time and work allow) will reflect my views, not my paper's, not "the media's." I may bring what paltry knowledge of media workings I have to the table, but don't think I'm some kind of Representative of the Media Culture at Large; in a lot of ways, I'm as suspicious of and angry at the Media at Large as some of you are, maybe more, since I have to deal with it up close.

The Rev. Al in the subject field refers to Green, not Sharpton. I'm listening to the Rev.'s "Love and Happiness," which I hope is some kind of omen, or at least antidote.

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