Bush Cronies not Immune from Supoenas

Shocking ruling from a Federal judge today. You mean...there's more than one branch of government?



"Blogging is like masturbating in front of a mirror while you're videotaping it so you can maturbate to it later."

--Lewis Black, Root of All Evil, 7.30.08

The Price of Gas

Pretty much sums it up.

The Real Meaning of Sacrifice

Why can't we have fun politicians like this?


Those Aliens

Edgar Mitchell speaks. He claims aliens have visited and are visiting us, and that he's been privy to this information. It's sad. Not that I'm not surprised, but that all I care about is whether the aliens will push Pelosi and Conyers to open impeachment hearings. I mean, come on, help us already. Short of that, do they want anything we can sell them?


Church Committe (Reprise)

Here's a little hope: Salon reports we could get (cross your fingers) an in-dept Congressional investigation of illegal domestic spying, rendition, and use of military assets to potentially spy on Americans. Unfortunately, Salon also reports that domestic surveillance is likely far, far worse than previously reported (note: there have been hints of this for years, but little real information).


Insurance Company Rules

Funny--and, sadly, true.

WaPo's Grandpa Simpson

Richard Cohen has started yelling at clouds. I understand Cohen's problem with tattoos; they're a mystery to me, too. But I can't fathom why he, a so-called journalist, would bother to write such a screed without even talking to some people who have tattoos. Cohen spoke with a college professor who supposedly knows something about kids today. Whoopee. Did it occur to him to speak with a tattoo artist? Apparently not. What is he going to ignorantly blather about next, piercings?


It's Alive!

Zugernat lives. For those unfamiliar with the zine, it's a literary journal Lein Shory (The Irate Savant) and others published years ago. He's put it up again in anticipation of another venture....

The Iraq-Pakistan Border Cafe

In Richmond, Virginia, there's a restaurant named The Texas-Wisconsin Border Cafe. I'm not sure, since I ate there about 18 years ago, but I think I had some duck with Texas toast. In any case, John McCain seems to have an imagination similar to that of the founder of that cafe. Except in this case, he thinks Iraq and Pakistan share a border. TPM's video guy makes the revelation hilarious.


The Price of Oil

An excellent article on the price of oil and gasoline and why ExxonMobil sucks ass.


Don't Come in My Ear

Harry Shearer gives us another installment of behind-the-scenes satellite news feeds. This time it's Laura Ingram. The key moment is after the 7:00 mark.


So Long, Tony Snow

I hated Tony Snow as a "press secretary" but I wished him well with cancer. No one in that position deserves cancer, and his family deserves it even less. They won't read this, but all due respect to him and all due compassion to his family, which must be suffering terribly right now. It's a terrible loss.


Dear Traitor

Dear Senator Landrieu:

Please be advised that, because you violated your oath of office in voting for the unconstitutional FISA bill, I will be giving money to any progressive candidate who runs against you in every election until you are ousted from the seat you sullied with your pro-fascist votes (remember your inexcusable, pro-corporate bankruptcy bill vote?). You don't deserve any job with responsibility exceeding that of fast food manager. You are nothing less than a traitor.

Disrespectfully Yours,

Rob P.

P.S. Same goes for your, faux "Constitution scholar" Obama--except that I'm still voting for your treasonous ass.

To take out every last "Democrat" who voted for cloture or against the three amendments, go here.



the world is full
of many worlds, and
the world is one
of many, too.

Heckuva Job

John McCain should be applauded for his choice of campaign consultants--especially when it comes to speech writers and those coaching him on speaking style. These brilliant artisans have furnished their employer with a casualness that easily trounces his opponent's hamfisted attempts at eloquence. The easy laugh. The natural, confident grin. Realitique™ recommends that Senator McCain give these talented up-and-comers a raise, and find more like them to advise him on everything from photo ops to shoe shopping!


Where Do You See Bush in Five Years?

This post contains both the funniest conservatron musing ever and the funniest comment thread ever. Evah.

Mawage...Twew Wuv....

So I'm buying a pepper mill as a wedding present for a friend in Philly. I go to the "enter gift message" screen and, as I'm divorced, can't think of anything to write but "I hope it works out," "Good luck with that," and "I hope you guys stay together." Lovely. As my friend K. said about my quandry, "Jaded much?"

On a related note, here's my friend Liz bitching about how everyone around her's gettin hitched but her boyfriend's deployed in Iraq.

Tell Reid to Pull the FISA Bill

From Democracy for America:

Today may be our last chance to stop senators from voting to pass the so-called FISA "compromise" bill.

Last week, thousands of us called our own senators. Thousands more DFA members personally delivered our message to senators at their district offices. And tomorrow every senator will receive DFA petition signatures from members in their district demanding they stand up to President Bush and vote against the "compromise."

Yet there is still one person who can stop this bill today: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Call Senator Reid right now and demand he pull the FISA "compromise" bill which will lead to retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies who spied on Americans.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Washington DC: 202-224-3542

If the DC number is busy - Try reaching his district offices:
Reno Office: 775-686-5750
Vegas Office: 702-388-5020


Suggested script:
"I'm calling to ask Senator Reid to use his power as Senate Majority Leader to pull the FISA "compromise" bill from the floor which will ultimately grant retroactive immunity to telecommunication companies who spied on Americans."

This is it. We have stopped President Bush from getting his way and letting AT&T and Verizon of the hook four times.

It is up to us to stop it again.

Thank you for taking action. Thank you for everything you do.


Charles Chamberlain, Political Director
Democracy for America

P.S. If you haven't signed the Senate Petition to Stop Telecom Immunity yet or sent it around and asked your friends and family to sign, you still can. We will deliver the signatures first thing tomorrow morning to every Senator right before tomorrow's votes. CLICK HERE TO SIGN

How Domestic Surveillance Affects You and Me

A must read. The "hoovering" of data, in both senses of the word.