Quiero Hondurans

The other day I was looking at a house I'll probably buy. After touring it, my realtor and a friend of mine were sitting on the porch, discussing options, when the issue of renovation crews came up. I mentioned that my friend Geoffrey had a crew of Hondurans whom he'd paid to help renovate another place, but he would trust them only with gutting and so forth. Then my realtor, who has a construction company, said she has expert Hondurans who do finishing and detail work. My friend Brad, who's married to a Honduran, then chimed in with, "I have Hondurans too. They're great with tile." Oddly, I know another couple who "has Hondurans." Hondurans are in abundance these days. If economic trends continue, perhaps one day Hondurans in Tegucigalpa will "have Americans" to renovate their homes.

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