Dear Senator

A cousin of mine sent his former senator David Vitter:
Senator Vitter,

I couldn't help noticing that in the ready-made 'topic' drop-down menu for email correspondence, you have "2nd Amendment Rights" (which I support, by the way) but you do not have 4th amendment rights. Why not?

Perhaps because you sold the 4th amendment up the river? Your support for S.2248 is a disgrace to the state of Louisiana and the name Vitter (not that it needed any more tarnishing).

You apparently enjoy prostitutes so much, you decided to prostitute the liberties of the American people. I hope you catch herpes from the act. You are a traitor to your country and I will vigorously support anyone who opposes your next candidacy. Even if you run for the school board, I will oppose you. Even if you run against a ham sandwich for Parish Alderman, I will give as much as I can afford to contribute to the ham sandwich opposing you. My very next google search is going to be "recall Vitter".

Enjoy your telecom money,

Feel free to send a revised version to Mr. Barack "I'll Filibuster! No, I Won't" Obama.

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