Pursuit of Ignorance

The stupidest shit on the planet. He makes Jeff Goldstein and Assrocket look like sincere, well-read geniuses. (Sorry, but he's too stupid to figure out how to give each post a permalink, so I have to link to his entire blog.)

That said, he appears to be an excellent cook. A pity he strays into other territory of which he knows so little that he's living proof that you can actually know less than nothing.

UPDATE: Lein (formerly known as the Savant--and he really is wise) asked me why I hate Pursuit so much. Well, I don't. It's just that our country has been overtaken by evil, selfish pricks and handed over wholesale to the second generation of robber barons, and it's people like Pursuit--stupid, incurious, insecure, fearful dicks--who are stirring the pot in which we're boiling. (PDS: Did I finally insult him more than 8 times? Are you ever going to call him on his many insults of his betters? Of course not.) Let's be as clear as Coulter: People like Pursuit are traitors. What's pathetic is they don't even know it.

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