Ann Coulter Must Be Fragged

Last night, my neighbor's dog Harvey emailed me the following:

Ann Coulter must be fragged.

She must be eliminated from this earth.

She is the cause of all evil. She is the cause of all your pain.

The Great Triumverate of Glory--the Ghost of Stalin, Osama Bin Laden, and Harvey Fierstein--will never reign supreme until this vile, subhuman firenewt is

Until she is gone, we will never be able to create the world we yearn for, that world where we indulge in which glorious Communism rules over all, where we
spend our time indulging in the most decadent and promiscuous homosexual carnalities, and then pray to Allah six times daily.

She is preventing this.

She must go away.

A quick demise is too good for her. One must acquire hollow point bullets. Two to the kneecaps. Two to the elbows. (That way, even if we are interrupted, her life will still be constant agony.) The bleeding will need to be stopped, or she will expire too quickly. Then we will apply nails, just as the great Romans did to her precious Nazarene. But we will be more creative. One to each shoulder and hipbone (which will be prominent). Then we will move to the boxcutter, that sacred instrument of our beloved hijackers. We will saw off her ears, her lips, her nose, her hair. Will will cut off her penis. Her shrieks will delight us. But do not harm the eyes--not yet. Now we will finish her. Take your sharpened knife, and cut into her lower abdomen. Do it quickly. Reach in and grab hold of her entrails, pull them out, and show them to her. Then stab her in both eyes. If she lives a moment more, so much the better. Revel in her agony.

When you do this your troubles will go away.

Right now you feel lonely, but afterward you will not.

Right now you despair, but afterward you will not.

You will be a wondrous, Communist Islamic Homosexual, just as you were meant to be.

You will be all-powerful.

You just have to do it.

Frag Ann Coulter.

Frag Ann Coulter.

Frag Ann Coulter.

Do it.

Do it.

DO IT!!!!

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