I keep reviewing the details of Vice President Cheney's version of how he shot Harry Whittington in the face and I think I've constructed how the events unfolded:

Whittington's car flushed from the west, at a 40-degree angle. Standing on the grassy knoll, behind the low brick wall, the Vice President wheeled left, the sun in his eyes, following the quail, and fired. The first shot hit Governor Connally in the chest, the second hit Whittington in the face, throwing his head back and to the left. Katherine Armstrong, sitting 100 yards away in the Vice Presidential motorcade, definitely heard two shots, at least one from the grassy knoll. She claims that she may have heard another shot from the book depository. Her testimony that the Secret Service seemed to "take their time" reaching Whittington is questionable, however, given her close relationship with the vice president and the GOP. The salient question here is, why did the Secret Service allow anyone to stand behind the low brick wall on the grassy knoll? Why were the windows of the cars in the motorcade left open when procedures for presidential protection clearly stipulate that all windows should be closed? Clearly, everything here is not as it appears to be.

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