Anderson Cooper at the 17th Street Canal Breach

Anderson Cooper at the 17th Street Canal breach

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon shooting pictures of the neighborhood right next to the infamous 17th Street Canal breach--the one that inspired FEMA to tell DHS to tell the White House that Ferris passed out at 31 Flavors New Orleans was flooding the night of the storm. I was taking pictures of the breach area when I noticed a camera crew trotting up. Lo and behold, it was Anderson Cooper. I guess he didn't notice the sign (I disregarded it too). I wish I'd had a video camera with sound because he kept starting the story and then stopping and making minor changes to his performance, reading FEMA documents or something from what looked like a Treo. His "handler," a local guy, told me he's been driving them around since six days after the storm. Anderson Cooper's doing his show live tonight from Gentilly. The piece he was taping at the breach will probably be on tonight.Posted by Picasa

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