The Golden Age

Images are forming out of the mist in the Black Mirror all over the world right now. Welcome to the Afunkalypse.
The most bizarre and topsy-turvy WWIII anyone would never have expected.
Bugs Bunny with an IED.
I have never lived through nor have read about any year in history quite like this one. Not the beginning of the end, but a solid turn in the tide across human civilization. The peak moment, in world-historical and political-economic tides spanning millenia.
Welcome to the New Age. The Golden Age. But...this is the really ugly "birth" part. It involves a lot of blood, but far less than in history, and with a social progressive wave in unity, at the speed of light, on tv.
The Revolution will be televised. By videophone. On YouTube.
This is everything I ever worked for, for as long as I can remember, writ planetwide.
But "the tribulation" is still gonna suck. I think it's called The Disaster Age.
Note to Christendom: Turns out God lied. He did flood us out again. I'm sure it was because we were bad, like our parents said, not that the polar ice caps melted eons ago resulting in a long period of flooding.

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