Negligent Homicide

No, I'm not dead, I just started a new job at a fancy ad agency and don't know what the future of this extremely low-readership blog will be. But anyway, one of the many stories barely reported in this news vacuum known as the Washington Press Corpse is that the Army Corpse of Engineers (no, not all of the engineers, but presumably a few decision makers) is guilty* of negligent homicide. In honor of the news vacuum, which continues to not show the consequences of either Iraq or, god forbid, Katrina, here are a couple of gruesome photos compliments of Robert Lindsay by way of Your Right Hand Thief. (By way of Schroeder.)

BONUS: On a tangential note, Mystery Reporter 1 (2?) and I recently dined at Cooter Brown's for the final Final Four game. Highlight was the Tom Benson sandwich, made of chicken. (For out-of-towners, that's an insult to the owner of the Saints.)

*Not in the court-of-law sense, since they haven't been prosecuted. But the prosecutorial evidence is abundant.

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