Novak's Email Address

Can't say if he actually reads messages sent to novakevans@aol.com, but it's worth a try. (Via Media Matters via Eschaton.) Visit Media Matters and watch the video of Novak walking off the set of Inside Politics. If you get bored, ask Novak why he relied on a report by Jeff Gannon for his false assertion that Kerry dumped Joseph Wilson from his campaign. Ask him if that affects the non-existent journalistic integrity he lately tried to defend.

UPDATE: Crooks and Liars has a longer version of the Novak CNN walk-off and a round-up of what umpteen bloggers have to say about it.

JEBUS GAWD UPDATE: CNN's suspended Novak "indefinitely."

MORE UPDATEY GOODNESS: Novak may have been reacting to the big Who's Who book that may have been sitting on the table (me likey)....

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